Burg's Tale: The 300 - 298

Having spent the last couple of days healing and trying to convince the adventurers in the town that there might be some extra fame and wealth in finishing off the bandits that first night in Surup, Snori and Myself decided that rather than stand around talking about it we’d just go solve the problem. We started our search by searching the sight of the original attack and the direction in which the few escaping bandits had fled. This led us further through the small wood and eventually run us along side a clearing with a small rise and a stone structure at the top.
doing a quick circle of the structure we determined that our best approach was going to be the shortest but steeper climb up the rear side of the build. We quickly tied our horse about 100 ft from the edge of the woods and made our way around the rear of the strucure making a few quick bolt from the treeline the it’s high stone walls. Snori and I then decided that from here we would first quietly move around the complex trying to discern if we could hear anyone inside and if so were they friendly or hostile. This search only gave us a possible 3 entry points, A small but rusty sewer grate, Over the wall itself or through the front door. We decided that since the Front entry was barred and anyone inside was doing their best to stay hush hush about being there that going straight in was the worst option given that there were only 2 of us and could be many more of them. We first tryed the sewer grate option but after numerous trys to pry and pull the bars free they would not give way. This left only one option,We decided to wait for night to fall in order to stack the odds in our favour as much as possible and so whilst standing on Snori’s shoulders I hooked a rope and grappling hook over the walls edge and we climbed over the 13ft wall onto a ledge fit for watchmen and archers. Sadly we found this out the hard way as we spied four such watchmen around the structures, Thankfully only one of them had spotted our fumbling over the wall. It became a contest of speed at that moment my bow and Snori’s Spear vs his not so enormous intellect, Not much of a contest. My arrow struck home right into his throat dropping him where he stood whilst Snori’s spear soared off into the black of the night. Quickly equiping him with another spear Snori and myself moved like a pair of steel clad mammoths along the creaking boards towards the next watchmen who stared obliviously off into the pitch black night, This guard did not even see nor HEAR his doom approach as the spear and arrow pierced his armour and flesh forcing him over the wall of the compound. Two left, we voted to take each separately I heaved Snori onto the slighty higher roof of the tallest tower in the compound where he could get clean access to one of the remaining sentries. I quickly tossed him a dagger to throw at his quarry and took my spot for a clear shot at the other guard. Another Arrow loosed from my bow took the guard down. I could hear the faint sounds of Snori engaging the remaining guard. Then I saw it stalk into the lantern light in the middle of the compounds courtyard, A wolf the size of a large pony sniffed the air and twitched its ears for the faintest noise. I slinked my way back to the raised tower roof and clambered over to tell Snori what awaited us. He too had already noticed the monster dog. We crouched and took aim launching arrows at the beast hoping to drop it before it hance the chance to set upon us, No such luck however as the creature deftly lept up onto the walkway and charged me. I stupidly tryed to cover my body using my bow arm and paid the price as the creatures maw engulfed my forearms and it’s piercing teeth started digging into my flesh. Through the pain I quickly regained my senses drew my short blade and thrust it deep into the Dire wolf’s unprotected neck causing it to slump to the side and start falling off the walkway trying to take me with it. I can’t beleive I managed to wrench my arm free from it’s powerful jaws without to much further damage to my arm. I bandaged my arm whilst Snori ensured that the Wolf was not going to recover and come back to bite us in the behind. We then formulated a plan of moving clockwise around the doors of the compound and taking things as we come. Before we even made it to the first door however it opened and another bandit appeared he was quickly dispatched by another well placed arrow from my bow(Seems my aim has not suffered from the damamge to my arm). We quickly entered the room that the guard had emerged from and found a grusome site of a family being tortured. I dragged the torturers body back inside while snori quieted the people and using some keys found on the dead body we released the prisoners of this hell hole, they immediatedly pleaded that we save their daughter in the next room who was to be sacrificed to some unholy dark god. Feeling the tug on just a few of my hearts strings from this story sent me boldly storming toward the door,Snori close behind. The Door flung open as we pushed it in followed by the sound of my bow string releasing an arrow towards the master of the dark ceremony who dropped heavily to one side from his would be sacrifice. The Girl looked like she was about to scream but Snori managed to make it to her and calm her from the ordeal. I on the other hand was still enraged and proceeded to take it out by driving the Heretics own ceremoniel dagger through his eye and into his brain leaving him in the centre of the unholy symbol on the floor hoping that whatever dark god he worshipped was now ironically tormenting his soul. We bandaged and cared for the tortured people as best as we could given our skills. Turns out they were the owners of the goods from the raid we had first encountered the bandits at. We decided that they would do best to hole up here and wait till we returned, we left then to continue our rout on the bandits although if the merchant familys ramblings were accurate the leader of this rabble may be a large humanoid. The next door we came to had people that could easily be heard from outside the room in it. We decided that since we could be out numbered here we would take and use flasks of lit oil to cause confusion then pick off stragglers. Again we threw open the door then tossed te oil into the room at the unaware bandits seated at a large table playing games of dice, The horror on their faces apparant when the flames cloaked them and began to scortch their flesh. Wilst wildly trying to put themselves our we picked of the remainders then searched the room stealing weapons to replace those we lost over the walls of the compound when entering. The Next structure we came to was ether the stables or the dire wolf’s personal larder as all the horses inside had had their throats ripped open and their flesh had started being consumed by the overgrown beast.



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