Jimmy's Bogus Adventure: The creation of the company of the wolf

After Jimmy had arrived in Surup and entered the bar. A group of people ran in yelling about how there was a bandit raid, Jimmy being as awesome as he is decided that he could handle them all, but apparently so did nearly everyone else in the bar including his new acquaintance Blix the dwarfish cleric who seems to have a great fondness of strength. However when he arrived he saw the bandits are more of targets for an unspoken challenge between the group who raced towards them, he thought if I could kill or at least incapacitate the most it would show that his skills in the magical arts have been increasing over the years of his travels. After he incapacitated at least 2 of them out of approximately 10, he thought he needed to gain more power and this group seems to run towards trouble rather than hides from it, therefore accelerating the rate of which he will gain power. However he does not wish to use his powers for evil rather what seems to be the better idea at the time. During some down time for most of the group Burg and Snorri went off to find the bandit lair and successfully dispatched the creatures guarding it, after they had accomplished this they gave me my second if not most prized possession a scroll containing an array of powerful spells as well as getting us a place to stay. A while later the group set out scouting out the wilderness for potential threats to Surup and encountered multiple vile creatures, one could be described as an owl somehow fused with a bear, an owlbear if you will, which seems to have an adverse affect on adventurer’s named Eric, while the others we faced seem to be fairly disturbing humanoid creatures with redish skin and a lot more hair on there body although these didn’t pose much of a threat to our group we still treated them like we do most encounters, with the head on approach. After this we decided to name our group, well Burg came up with the name Company of the Wolf and appointed roles of the group and I currently have no roles thus far.



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