Burgs Tale: Burg and Trog

She’d been a long and slow ride to Surup. The Caravan master had been fair in the share of work and pay though rewarding me with a slightly higher cut than most for the extra effort put in. I can’t see why anyone would bother coming out to this quaint little place. Suren the locals can have that much worth trading for but I know I go where the work takes me. I decided that since we were spending the night here that I might as well wet the ol whistle and start putting the ear and word out for any more work for an old merc like meself. Since it ain’t fun drinking on me own I grabbed young Trog and headed for the local.Always seems like these backwater settlements attract weirdos between the four fingered Redneck Yokels that obviously frequent the place. It would seem some other folk had crawled into the place looking for a nights rest. Amongst them were 2 dwarves and a lanky too well dressed for this dump human pitchin right up at the bar. An Elf who seemed to be havin a yelling match with one of the dwarvesat the bar about how bad the smell of the place was sat alone at a table off to one side and another human would be warrior sat alone at a table on the other side of the Tavern. Rather than mess about I quickly yelled an order for some ales for me and Trog whilst we moved to seat ourselves at a table. The ale here wasn’t all that great tasting, Somewhere between muddy creek water and something a goat ate and gave back it did however serve as a good thirst quencher and since it wasn’t great in the taste department made for easy sculling since before to long a couple of more would be caravan guards hobbled into the place near bleeding ta death. Some words were ex-changed as the dwarven cleric looked over the men and as soon as they spilled that bandits had attacked them I was grabbin me gear and heading off. See I have this thing against bandits since I was a wee lad and they robbed me families farmland. I still remember it as I hid in the roof thatching watching as they forced me dad to watch as they used my mother and then killed them both. From that day on I vowed that I would become strong, Strong enough to support myself and Strong enough to avenge me parents. Seems like some of these other adventurin folk must be like me cause they all slowly packed up their gear and we started to head out of the town alone the road looking for where the attack took place.

It didn’t take long to find where the attack had taken place and which way the Bastards had gone.
Following them into a small copse of trees and happening quickly upon them greedily eying over their ill gotten gains. They quickly split their forces and whilst 4 came to greet us with weapons in hand the remaining 5 fled. Bad Move on their part splitting their force like that the 4 attackers were going to be quickly overwhelmed by us and the other 5 were heavily laden. I took the initiative and quickly dispatched one of the attackers by impaling it on my spear and then quickly changing my grip to throw it at the fleeing group which I missed terribly. Most of the others begun trading blows. The Elf and magic user having some success by downing one of the fleeing men and the other fighter nailing another of the fleeing me with a shot from his bow. Seeing that Trog had wounded but not fully dispatched his quarry and seeing that taking one alive might lead us to any who survive or land us some glory with the village folk I maneuvered to flank his opponent and landed a solid hammer blow with my fist to his back knocking him out. Whilst the others still traded blows and worked to bring down yet another of the fleeing opponant I drew my short blade and moved to save the dwarf cleric who had taken many small blows. The first thrust I made landed sadly low and barely swayed the bandit who managed to get a good hit in above my shield to my shoulder whilst i reworked the angle of my blade for a killing thrust bringing a sharp end to the bandits life and the encounter. Following on from the battle we tied up the unconscious bandit and gathered together the swag they had failed to run off with and we begun our trek back to Surup. The pain in my shoulder reminding me that next time I should be more careful how I strike and who I choose to save on the battlefield. Thankfully that Cleric owes me one now.


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