A New Beginning

With most of the group dragon fodder the last two members of the Wolf search for their friends. Another group of adventurers arrive in Surup and encounter a very harrowed Sheriff Wynz. He tells them that in the two weeks that have past all hell seems to have broken loose. Not only has his team of troubleshooter gone MIA but he has recieved news that his arse is on the line for not finding One Eye and returning the lords child. Also the town of Ceswick appears to have been invaded by some dark creature or creatures. Also the elvish diplomats that had been waylaid and kidnapped by the Nah have yet to be located. Into all of this and other rumours arrive the new group: Garro, a cleric of the Ancestors, a sect of of the Nah, a human fighter named Redd, two rangers, one human named Nathanial, and one elvish named Salem, and lastly a halfling Jester by the name of Garrald, who continually expounds his stealtier, combative and arcane abilities. The set off to locate One Eye and recover the lords child, collecting the 5000 gp reward for One eye’s head.



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