Around and Around they go

The new group took to the job of hunting down this Baron One eye and wanting to collect on the reward. in their travels around the valley they managed to defeat a hill giant, a wyrm and several other small nusiances. When the group came close to Cembridge they say the pall of darkness and possibly evil hanging over the once proud city. They moved on with great speed from this now evil place. They returned to Syrup without any sign or further knowledge about the whereabouts of the baron or his men.
Taking some time to help the Sheriff fortify the village the group pondered where the most likely place would be for the Bandit and his men to lay low.
Once they had completed their civil dutues they took off once again. Unfortunately the Jester had been killed just before reacdhing Syrup and his place had been taken by another worthy soul, a young human fighter. Blix returned from hunting for his fallen brethern but Trog had continued on looking for better pastures.
With Blix in tow the group started off once again to hunt down the bandit and his men.



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