Bullseye for the One Eye

With luck on their side the group uncovered the whereabout of the bandits in a small ravine encampment. There initail forey did not go unnoticed so with little time they fought back, in what will be retold by many of the company in greater heroic prose.
The tide of battle seemed to tuen against the group when an inspired ( or desperate ) move was made by Salem as he started to attack the encampment. With this he appeared to rally the others. Unfortunately Garro, Redd and teh human fighter charged through the narrow ravine to be hit by a series of nasty traps while Salem and Nathaniel with the elf in tow made their way around the edge of the encampment, taking shots at what they could from higher ground. Blix, always the shortest followed up the rear, seperated from Salems groups.
The horse charge left two horses dead and the three riders badly hurt when they were set upon by one of the Orgres. After this ogres defeat the ogress started to attack the riders.
Meanwhile back on the higher ground the small group encountered two humans leaving surreptitiously with a small bundle wrapped and tied to one of their backs. A short fight enshewed, with Salem taking damage and falling to the ground, while Nathaniel fought on, in the end the elf cast sleep on all ofthem. He removed the enemies weapons, bandaged Salem and then awoke Nathaniel. Nathaniel decided to support his friends below with their fight. He arrived to see a slightly differnet scene.
Blix had decided to rush to the edge of the cliff and was going to throw himself down onto the Ogress but when he saw the distance he changed his mind and instead threw his hammers , one landing on her head. The group on the ground, along with Blix and Nathaniel were shaken to see Baron One Eye emerge from the temple. A cyclops!
With this masonary went flying, the group reorganised and changed tactics. Redd was left to handle the Ogress, which he did. Blix retreated after having felt a hard cold peice of masonry flung at him, into the forest. Nathaniel fired arrows into the Cyclops while the three ex riders charged and encircled the huge creature as best they could. The session ended with the elf using a magic misslie on the baron, while wondering what to do about the two sleeping enemy, Nathaniel pin cushioning the cyclops, Salem unconcious but alive, Redd and Garro attacking the Cyclops hand to hand, with the youngest fighter buried under some masonary, bleeding to death and Blix in the eaves of the forest rescued by a shaman friend, offering to heal Blix but refusing to help any further. . .



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