Jimmy's Bogus Adventure: And the mystery of the Tree(s)

After we have established we were called Company of the Wolf we travelled to Pineford which took 3 days. On arrival we found a small child named Ral who conned Burg out of a few silver. We then travelled to the Pineford Inn and purchased a large amount of food and drinks. We decided to finally try to do what Sheriff Wins originally ask us to do and well Ral tagged along. We set out to find what were taking people and livestock from the town. We travelled into a cave in the forest and set off one trap multiple times while I cleverly positioned myself behind Trog as he attempted to plug where we suspected a jet of fire was being fired, as I passed the trap unscathed and my beloved scroll intact we continued. We passed through a small slither of a hallway and found a Paladin fighting off 3 men, a group of “Bug bears” and a Sorceress. As a large majority of the group went unconscious at one point in the battle to help the paladin, I emerged unscathed even when magic missiles were shot at me. Once most of the group decided to return to the town because of dire wounds to the group and Trog didn’t bring any food or water. Once we returned we found out that our efforts were in fact in vein so far. So we went to find out the true cause of these disappearances. While the rest of the party healed up from the previous combat Snorri and myself tried to find out the true culprit of the disappearances. After many hours of waiting a large vine came out of the forest and snatched one of the sheep from the paddock. Snorri and myself attempted to describe the situation to the others but they were reluctant to believe there was such things as “evil trees”. After a few days of waiting for the culprit strike again, it did! and got Snorri which was hilariously ironic, most of the group chased the vine down and eventually killed it after it knocked out Snorri and severely damaged Burg. After we killed it and the rest of the group caught up, we followed the vine to find a strange alter in the middle of the forest. Trog decided that it was a good idea to pull this strange red stone out of the mouth of a skull we found at the alter. Of course the skeletons animated and attacked us. We managed to fend off these creatures and found some valuable loot.


KiwiGM Larmour

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