Jimmy's Bogus Adventure: The Awesomening

We leave Cembridge to go towards Caslewick which takes 3 days. However on the way we were attacked by a manticore, we rushed off our horses except for Ral who decides to shoot it instead. It strikes at Burg scratching him. We used our feeble attacks against the foul beast. Gaelin and I blast it with our magic missiles but of course I cast shield first which saves my life once again. Me and Gaelin end up taking out the horrid beast using magic missile. We claim the wings and claws as trophies.

We get inspected at Caslewick for traded goods tax as well as we are told the rules and regulations of Caslewick. We head out to the Blue Sword an “adventures inn” before we split up to attend our matters. Some of the group members go off and drink some ale. Burg, Gaelin and I go off for business and what not. We show out tapestries, books and black orb to a cleric of the sun god. We gain an array of potions and magical items as well as training. I viewed this decision as the most beneficial towards our group members over the other options we had. I’m the only group member who doesn’t receive a magical item because I already have a magic item that does the same thing as the one I was given. We train at the local facilities as well as pawning off our manticore limbs as we needed more training before we deemed ourselves ready enough to continue adventuring.

After we finish training we head off to Surup, on the second day we encounter a large pair of creatures which are about 9ft tall, greenish and stink. After we rend these creatures limb from limb which occurred after I cast the best spell ever “Mirror Image” but primarily magic missile took the cake once again.


KiwiGM Larmour

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