Jimmy's Bogus Adventure: The tale of Fawk

We got back to Surrup on the 16th of Beltane, we got told by Sheriff Wins that he has no more jobs for us, so we head to the tavern, Blix talks to some people in the tavern to find some jobs for us. While Ral talks to some strangers in boredom. I try to get a scroll case fashioned for myself. After the group gets back together a bit later Burg goes to the wharf to investigate this job offer told to him by Blix. We find another group member at the tavern named Fawk a strange Magic User, he is only an initiate (he only gains half the loot we do). We end up doing a job for a merchant barge which is heading up stream. Blix falls into the river due to his lack of sea legs, while our first watch we end up encountering a giant octopus of some sort, it ends up spraying us with ink before it runs away (most likely from Fawk doing his interpretive dance routine. Many nights pass without a problem. But one afternoon we got attacked by what appeared to be 5ft long piranhas, luckily Ral, Gaelin and myself escaped the water without harm. Gaelin and myself blast the creatures with magic missile. Fawk takes some serious damage from these creatures, while everyone runs for the shore. We wait for the creatures to leave, then we continue travelling. On the 31st of Beltane we encounter some strange turbulence while the captain of the barges says to make immediate landfall. We end up surrounded by elves while the captain makes parley. We wait for 3 days while Gaelin spends times with the elves. We get back to Surrup on the 41st, but on the way we find some hyena like humanoids, These foul creatures killed [[Fawk}} even though he was wearing his sweet black robe. But we did get some loot and we didn’t have to register Fawk in the adventures guild in Caslewick.


KiwiGM Larmour

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