Snorri Spanglhelm

Dwarf Mercenary


Str 17 + 2
Int 11 + 0
Wis 10 + 0
Dex 14 + 1
Con 13 + 1
Cha 11 + 0

Hp 18

Age 146
Height 4’ 3"
Weight 160 lbs
Attack bonus melee + 4
Attack bonus ranged + 3

Saving throws
Death ray / Poison 11 + 4
Magic wands 12 + 4
Paralysis / Petrify 14 + 4
Dragon breath 15 + 3
Spells 16 + 4

+1 Sword D8
2 Spears D6
Battle axe D8
Dagger D6 10/20/30
Shortbow D6
Mace D6


13 Flasks of oil
12 Iron spikes
Mirror Whetstone
10 Torches
Blank scroll
50 ft hemp rope
4 Waterskins
Hip flask

AC 15
Hp 24
Attack 2 hooves + 1 D6/D6
Moral 9
Move 60
Light load 350 lbs
Heavy load 700 lbs

Saddle bags
Bit and Bridle
Horse shoes


Being the last born child of a Mid ranking merchant snorri had to work hard for what he wanted.
Always being on the move meant he had few friends but a good deal of knowledge or the world (or so he thought).Life seemed to be going well for him until his father announce who would succeed him, sadly his brothers didn’t take the news that it was in fact their sister who would take over (her being the oldest). When all was said and done father, sister and 2 brothers were dead leaving only snorri and his oldest brother, Snorri not knowing what to do ran.
Hoping to forget his past he enlisted in a mercenary group heading to battle in one of the humans many pointless religious wars. He got on well with the life of a mercenary and if in turn taught him many skills needed to survive in the world (which turns out was much bigger than he thought).
But like all good things it came to an end, after a disastrous battle in which the mercenary’s were all but wiped out Snorri was taken captive along with his commander with whom he had become good friends,For months torture and captivity were all he knew. Then the day came when he escaped taking his friend with him sadly the commander days as a mercenary were over, Thankful for the rescue and being fairly wealthy (the mercenary company did well until that fateful battle) he rewarded Snorri with a fine suit of armor and his magic sword. Declining the commanders offer to stay and serve as a house guard Snorri set off once again into the world hoping this time that his luck might change and he could find what he was looking for.

Snorri Spanglhelm

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