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Listed below are some of the places and people the group have encountered thus far and the titles of the adventures completed thus far.



The group operate, for the moment, out of a wide valley that is considered on the edge of civilisation. The valley itself , Shendelmere, is approximately xx miles wide and xx miles in length. It is walled by two sets of mountain ranges, the Withertops in the west and the Haldomars in the east. At its southerly mouth of the valley is the river Chell, which carries the water from the great lake Deln to the ocean. The northern mouth, bordering on the Kingdom of Blackstone, also holds the location of the largest settlement, Ceswick, some 2,500 souls.


Cembridge is a small hamlet of some 30 folk. It lies under the Withertops about 2 and a half days ride north west from the charcters base village of Surup. Of note the group rescued a young girl, Jaida, at the Temple of Orinia from an evil wizard. Therein they appropriated a dark gem stone that they later gave in trade to the Curator of the Church of Leaves in Ceswick.


This small hamlet of about 100 souls lay directly beneath the Withering Woods, on the slopes of the southern Withertops, about a days ride north west from Surup. The group travelled here to investigate the disapperence of several cattle to discover an evil sentient vine creature. They almost lost Snorri to the creature before over coming it and its minions. They also added young Rhal to the roster here.


This small settlement numbers around 150 people within twon and additional 150 odd in the surrounding farms. It lies on the northern shores of Lake Chath, one of the most southerly places within the valley. It is here the group wandered in seperately and made fast friendships, eventually forming their group and gaining employment as ‘trouble shooters’ for Sheriff Wynz


A Huntin we will go.

Mystery Monestary

The Black Gem

Sheep go baa baa bye

Off to the big lights

Black Ink and five foot Pirahna

To catch One Eye.

A New Beginning.

Around and Around we go.

Bullseye Baron One Eye!

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